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  • Call our office for an appointment.
  • Oximetry testing and in-home polysomnography testing available for diagnosis.
  • Our Respiratory Therapists provide specialized care and education for the sleep apnea patient.
  • CPAP consultation available in your home, or our offices.
  • Evening and weekend appointments available.
  • We offer a wide selection of CPAP, BiPAP, Auto CPAP units, humidifiers and masks.
  • Regular therapist support is provided to ensure longstanding success, and compliance to therapy.
  • Regular follow up reports generated for physicians involved in therapy.
  • Extended health insurance claims completed by our experienced administrators.
  • Special CPAP solutions provided for traveling.

OSA is the most common type of Sleep Disordered Breathing. An episode occurs when a person stops breathing for at least 10 seconds, while asleep. The primary cause is the soft tissue located behind the tongue, and directly around the throat. These tissues relax during sleep and become extremely flaccid. On inspiration they literally get sucked together causing the airway to collapse or “obstruct”. Complete or partial airway obstruction will delay, and even prevent oxygen from entering the lungs. OSA causes snoring, excessive daytime sleepiness, cardiovascular disease, and weight gain.

CPAP therapy is prescribed to provide immediate relief from the symptoms caused by OSA. A CPAP unit is a small medical compressor that generates a preset pressure. This pressure is then applied to the patient’s airway through a correctly fitted CPAP mask. The pressure level is set high enough to prevent collapse or obstruction during sleep. Your respiratory therapist monitors therapy to ensure effectiveness, and initiates changes as needed.

    • Eliminates Snoring Immediately
    • Prevents Stroke And Heart Attacks
    • Improves Blood Pressure
    • Restores Natural Sleep Cycle
    • Improves Daytime Sleepiness And Fatigue
    • Increased Daytime Energy Levels
    • Eliminates Morning Headaches
    • Improves Mood And Feelings Of Depression
    • Improves Memory And Concentration
    • Decreases Risk Of Motor Vehicle Accidents
     • Enhances Weight Loss

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